For intra-hospital pediatric and neonatal transports, Hospital Wing utilizes Pedi-Flite.  Pedi-Flite is a pediatric specialty transport team.  Pedi-Flite brings many of the therapeutic capabilities of the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit directly to the patients by helicopter, jet or ambulance to provide the highest quality of care both before and during transport.

Le Bonheur Pedi-Flite is a dedicated team, made up of specially trained neonatal/pediatric critical care nurses and respiratory therapists.  All team members are trained in advanced life support techniques and advanced procedures as well as hold additional credentials and certifications beyond those of their critical care peers.

Pedi-Flite can provide such advanced critical care capabilities as a neonatal transport isolette, high frequency oscillatory ventilation for neonatal patients, nitric oxide, blood products, and specialty drugs for specific patients.

A critical care hotline, toll free 1-888-899-9355, is available for patient treatment, consultation or to activate a transport request.

For further information on Pedi-Flite transports or employment opportunities please contact:

Pediatric Critical Care Transport
LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center
50 North Dunlap
Memphis, TN 38103